Bulk Annuity Compass

The complete solution for bulk annuities

Getting the best possible price on a bulk annuity

Aon's online bulk annuity broking platform, Bulk Annuity Compass, has been developed based on our extensive experience of the bulk annuity market to help you avoid missed opportunities and to make sure you are positioned to get the best possible pricing.

It combines Aon's technological capabilities with our insights and knowledge of providers, which means that we will approach the market at the right time and in the right way to get the best possible outcome for your scheme.

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Daily online tracking for your scheme.

Allowing you to decide the right time to transact.


A streamlined, yet personalised approach to broking.

Our bespoke positioning of your scheme and interactive online platform deliver the optimal blend of efficiency and insurer engagement.


If pricing is not quite right...

Aon's trigger-based online platform allows a two-way information flow with insurers.


Access to greater certainty and faster implementation through:

  1. Price-lock against specific assets or indices, reducing the risk of averse market movements
  2. Comprehensive due diligence of financial and administrative capabilities
  3. Opportunity to utilise pre-agreed enhanced contracts

Aon's Bulk Annuity Compass

Secure, online, two-way information exchange with bulk annuity providers

  • Share member data and scheme benefits
  • Request quotation and bespoke requirements
  • Raise and respond to queries
Bulk annuity providers
  • Notification of successful trigger
  • Submit quotations
  • Raise and respond to queries

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